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Shake That Tree

Researching Your Own Family History

The Links Page

This page includes links to sites that I have found very helpful in my research.  The states include Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois.  The countries (aside from the US) include Germany, France, Canada, England and Scotland.  If any of these links do not work, please, please, please let me know.  There's nothing I hate worse than a page full of broken links!  You can email me at

Arkansas Resources
Illinois Resources
East St.Louis Social History Project (*Note:  East St. Louis is actually in Illinois)
Michigan Resources
Missouri Resources
(*Note:  When researching in St. Louis, don't forget that St. Louis City is actually within St. Louis County.  This might seem simplistic, but when something says "St. Louis", don't take for granted that it is the City of St. Louis, it could be the County of St. Louis).
Ohio Resources

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