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Shake That Tree


(Missouri, that is!)

Okay, I'll make the story as short as possible. I wanted to learn about Eureka, Missouri (I live here!). I checked everywhere and turned up very little information already written. So, I decided to do it myself! This site will be changing often, so if you are interested, you should check back often. I will tell you, I am no expert, I am no writer, and so forth. So, what I feel is what I write, what I interpret is what I write. I intend to have information about Allenton as well (Allenton was annexed by Eureka some years back), and other small forgotten communities such as Grover and Pond. I have had much help thus far, and will give credit to each individual for the information that was given by them. I hope you find this information informative and interesting. Have fun!

Allenton "History"

Eureka "History"

Glencoe "History"

Potterfield Estate Papers

Potterfield Probate Letter

Resurrection Hill Cemetery-Franklin County

Allenton Cemetery

Meramec Township Landowners-1878 Atlas

Hornecker Store Ledger

1893 Meramec Township Directory

Misc. St. Louis County Directories

Eureka Centennial

Quarry Hill

Glencoe, A Personal Touch

Eureka is in St. Louis County Missouri. It is in the southwest corner of the county and borders two other counties, Franklin County, and Jefferson County. Eureka is well known currently for Six Flags over Mid-America. Six Flags is actually located in Allenton, which was annexed by Eureka some years back. Bordering Eureka on the south is the Meramec River, which separates St. Louis County from Jefferson County. Bordering on the west is Allenton, then Franklin County.

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